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Written in charming rhyming cadence, God is: Holy will teach what it means that God is holy, why we fall short of His glory, and how He has always had a plan to save His people from their sin. 

Included is an in-depth look at the theological summary of the holiness of God, definitions, and questions written by Joel R. Beeke and Paul Smalley for parents and teachers to go over with their children and students.

Though meant for the young, the simple but vivid illustrations and precise biblical message make this book a beautiful resource for people of all ages who desire to draw closer to the truth about who God is and the power of the gospel of Christ.  

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“Jessica Scott has provided parents and teachers with a wonderful tool to teach our children who God is and the blessings of salvation that come only through Christ. With this little book we can diligently teach our children to love our triune God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength and to rejoice in the blessings that come only through the gift of God’s grace through faith alone in Christ alone.”

  J. V. Fesko
Harriet Barbour Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology
Reformed Theological Seminary
Jackson, Mississippi, USA

“Jessica Scott has put together a wonderful children’s book on God’s holiness; through pictures, poems, and explanations (Beeke and Smalley), this children’s book will be a blessing to every Christian family to be read with children, grandchildren, and gifted to many others that they may understand and worship the Lord. As a father of seven, and a pastor of a church full of young families, I warmly recommend this book to all.”

Darren Middleton
Pastor, North Geelong Presbyterian Church,
North Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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“But you, O Lord, are enthroned forever; you are
remembered throughout all generations.” -Psalm 102:12

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